The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is gearing up for the Drug Take-Back Program on Saturday, April 24.

Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has joined forces with the Drug Enforcement Agency to make sure that all drugs received will be properly disposed safely. Officers will be present at Texarkana Emergency Center located at 4646 Cowhorn Creek Road for drop-offs beginning at 8 AM until Noon April 24. If for some reason, this is not a good time for you there will be drug drop-off bins available at three locations in Texarkana, the Bi-State Center, and the Miller County Sheriff’s Office and the Texarkana Emergency Center.

Anyone from the general public who wishes to dispose of any medications can simply drive up on this date and during the listed times and simply drop these off to officers without even getting out of their vehicle.

The Drug Take-Back program is designed to help prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths caused by misused prescription drugs. Expired drugs can become stolen, lost, or misused so it's necessary that you dispose of them properly.

If you need more information about the Drug Take -Back Program please visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department Facebook page.

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