The Texarkana Arkansas City Board of Directors meet at City Hall this evening at 6PM. They will get a budget update from the Finance Director.

Here is the complete agenda for this evening's meeting:

1.Call to Order
2.Roll Call
3.Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance given by Mayor Ruth Penney Bell
4.Comments from the Mayor
 A.Presentation of Budget Variance Report by Finance Director TyRhonda Henderson. (FIN) (Report)
6.Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting June 4, 2018. (CCD)
7.Citizen Communication [Agenda Item Card and Citizens’ Communication Card]
8.Executive Session
 A.Adopt a Resolution making appointments to various boards, commissions, and committees. [Advertising and Promotion Commission, Electric Board of Review, Heating and Air Conditioning Board of Review, Historic District Commission, and Planning Commission] (CCD)
 B.Boards and Commissions Expiration of Terms. (CCD)

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