We are seeing a very slight uptick in COVID cases for the Ark-La-Tex area this week right before the Thanksgiving holiday, however, you will also notice hospital occupancy rates in our area are way down. Dropping from just over 4% a week ago down to 3% this week.

In our Trauma Service Area F which includes Texarkana, New Boston, and over to include Paris, we have just 25 people hospitalized, 8 of those in ICU, 2 on ventilators, and 0 pediatric cases.

Here are your latest COVID-19 numbers for Texarkana and the immediate surrounding area. Stay healthy my friends.

Bowie County

New Cases: 16
Probable Cases: 11
Total All-Time Cases: 7655
Total Deaths: 342

Fully Vaccinated age 12 - 64: 35%
Fully Vaccinated age 65 and older: 64%

Cass County

New Cases: 2
Probable Cases: 0
Total All-Time Cases: 2758
Total Deaths: 154

Fully Vaccinated age 12 - 64: 34%
County Fully Vaccinated age 65 and older: 58%

State of Texas

Age 12 and over % Fully Vaccinated: 59%
Age 65 and over % Fully Vaccinated: 82%


Effective 11/15/2021 - The Arkansas Department of Health has changed the population count using the 2020 Census population for Arkansas and added individuals age 5-11 years old. This change resulted in a decrease in the percent of individuals partially and fully immunized as reported on the COVID-19 dashboard.

Miller County

Active Cases: 33
Total All-Time Cases: 6616
Total Deaths: 142

Partially Vaccinated: 4.2%
Fully Vaccinated: 14.2%

Little River County

Active Cases: 15
Total All-Time Cases: 2122
Total Deaths: 80

Partially Vaccinated: 5.6%
Fully Vaccinated: 29.6%

State of Arkansas

Partially Vaccinated ages 12 and up: 11.2%
Fully Vaccinated ages 12 and up: 50.4%

Vaccine Updates

Texas State Data
Arkansas State Data [NEW]

Free COVID-19 testing is available at 902 W. 12th Street in Texarkana, Texas from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. To make an appointment visit https://texas.fulgentgenetics.com/ or call 877-862-4647.

Texarkana Area Chart Updates: (Open the images in a new browser to see them larger)

As of 11/4/21, 5-year-olds and up are now included in the vaccine numbers.

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attachment-TAF Hospital Data1124


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