Favorite Fare
Cooler weather is here! Next week the forecast is calling for our first freeze! With the colder weather coming, I can't help but think of foods that warm you up.
What Is It?
Do you know what this is? Take your best guess in today's edition of Patterson's Pixels!
Pumpkin Recipes
Every fall, it seems like I am always scrambling to find other uses for fresh pumpkin. Since you're likely in the same boat, I decided to share seven recipes featuring pumpkin besides pie. (Although I am going to feature a spectacular bonus recipe at the end of this post!) I hope you enjoy thes…
Jeff Challenges Master Chef Contestant [Video]
It's no secret that I love to eat, but I also enjoy cooking a great deal. However, most of my cooking is BBQ, and I cook with a big pit-smoker. I do watch a lot of those shows on the food network, and I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsey's cooking shows, especially "Master Chef&qu…