Hobbs Helps Contest

'Hobbs Helping Hand Contest' Continues in 2021
We've been enjoying helping out so much that we just can't stop! The Eagle and our friends at Hobbs Manufactured Homes love helping in the Hobbs Helping Hand contest.  Do you know someone that needs a little help? May they just never get that chance to do something for themselves? The…
'Hobbs Helping Hand Contest' March: $100 Pot O' Gold
March is here and that means all leprechauns, rainbows and gold!  It's another month with the Hobb's Helping Hand Giveaway with Hobbs Manufactured Homes on The Eagle.  Who doesn't need a little helping hand every once in a while? This month it's a Pot O' Gold!
'Hobbs Helping Hand Contest' Continues in 2021
It's Back! Actually, it never left. It's a new year and with the new year The Eagle is still teamed up with Hobbs Manufactured Homes for the Hobbs Helping Hand contest.  If you have a friend that’s between a rock and a hard place and you want to give them a helpin…

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