Donate Blood

Save a Life by Donating Blood at Any of These Blood Drives
Did you know that when you donate blood you are helping someone that might be fighting cancer or Sickle Cell? You could be helping someone that is having surgery or an accident victim. Donating blood only takes a few minutes and you could be saving a life by making a simple blood donation. Be sure t…
Emergency Appeal Continues For Blood Donors
LifeShare Blood Center is continuing its emergency appeal as inventory levels are at historic lows levels. This is the second emergency appeal due to critical low levels.  LifeShare is in desperate need of all types of blood and the community is needed to reach the demand for hospitals.
Help Save a Life - LifeShare Blood Drives in August
Have you ever wondered why it is so important to donate blood? Did you realize that every two seconds, someone somewhere needs blood? In the summer months, more people are outside and more accidents take place. Plus, donations drop off because most people are taking vacations. That's why it's so imp…