August 17

Craziest Street Name I’ve Ever Heard Is In Arkansas
Just like every other community, we have a bunch of what you might call "normal" street names in Texarkana -- Texas Boulevard, Arkansas Boulevard, State Line Avenue, Broad Street, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. But if you're looking around for an odd one, lots of people know this one.
Texarkana COVID-19 By-The-Numbers for August 17 – Back to School Sees New Record AR Hospitalizations
The ups and downs of the COVID-19 numbers in the State of Arkansas continue to vary greatly, one day the hospitalizations are down a bit the next it's a new record being set. According to the Associated Press, Arkansas has reached another new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations as thousands are students are heading back to school. The state on Monday reported 46 new virus hospitalizations, bringi
TC Trustees Vote No on Tax Rate Increase at Mondays Meeting
At today’s (Monday, August 17) meeting, Texarkana College trustees adopted the 2020-21 tax rate of $.123081 for TC’s taxing district which includes all of Bowie County. This rate is the same exact rate as the current year’s and results in no tax rate increase for Bowie County property owners. TC’s taxing district includes all of Bowie County and is adopted annually by trustees once certified prope
COVID-19 Texarkana Area Update for Tuesday, August 18
Bowie County Emergency Operations Center reports a total of 842 positive COVID-19 cases, with 392 recoveries, and a total of 56 COVID-related deaths. There are currently 392 active cases being traced in Bowie County. Cass County has a total of 203 cases with 161 recoveries, 9 deaths and currently 33 active cases. Miller County has 538 total cases, 32 active positive cases, 4074 negative results, 5