There's nothing more reassuring about our future than kids singing heavy metal. This Swiss children's choir is the latest video to embolden our metal heart as they're guided through Judas Priest and Dio cuts.

Seraina Telli, former singer of Swiss traditional metal banner wavers Burning Witches, leads the group from Villigen, Switzerland in the video below. Adapting the Painkiller track "Leather Rebel" and the legendary "Holy Diver" to minimalist acoustic renditions, the choir of 10 kids sing the immortal lines.

Up first is "Leather Rebel," a lesser known but entirely devastating track from Judas Priest's 1990 record. The complete reworking of the song is executed exceptionally well, embracing a dark overtone despite the cherubic gang of tiny voices.

Look out! Next comes "Holy Diver" and the kids have a blast with the dramatic pauses in the song, shouting Dio's favorite line, "Look out," and giggling a bit each time.

If you're inclined to keep watching, the video shifts gear pretty fast. The metal fades away and its back to something a little more traditional, but still fun.

All glory to Seraina Telli for indoctrinating the youth with two of metal's greatest singers.

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