Steven Adler believes he hasn't been approached yet about the potential Guns N' Roses reunion because his ex-bandmates don't believe he's sobered up. He says an incident a few years ago – when his current band Adler shared a bill in Japan with Duff McKagan's Loaded – is to blame.

"I was still drinking then," Adler told Eddie Trunk, according to Blabbermouth. "And, you know, Duff's sober and he's very judgmental and forgetful of where he came from. And he was just so bummed and pissed at me. ... So, I kind of ruined it and gave him the excuse to be able to say, 'Well, he's not cool and he's not that good.'"

Adler, who was memorably ousted from the group for rampant drug use in 1990, says he's been sober now for more than 21 months. He notes that both McKagan and Slash had their own issues, before cleaning up.

"Just because they stopped doing it before I did doesn't make them any better," Adler says. "We're all people who have addiction problems. I was just able to get a grip on it later on in life than they did. ... I don't know why, but they forget that at one time in their life, they were doing drugs and drinking and they were f–ing up. They forget that they were like that too."

Even as rumors of a possible reunion have heated up, Adler says he's reached out to Slash – specifically to join him for a cup of coffee at a nearby vegan restaurant. They still haven't met. Earlier this year, Adler told Trunk that he hadn't seen Axl Rose since back in 2006.

Adler also notes that even if a Guns N' Roses reunion involving him was being discussed, "I don't think Slash would tell me, because he knows how excited I get and that I would probably say something before I should. I would be the last one to know." As for what would happen if the other four guys decided to get together without him? "I would probably feel like I would wanna kill myself, but I wouldn't. I would probably just kill them (laughs)."

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