It's almost that time of year -- time to get scared. With Halloween coming up there will be haunted houses opening in town and scary movies on T.V. But what about staying the night at a real haunted hotel? Looking around, I found two famous haunted hotels in Arkansas.

Have you ever stayed at a haunted hotel? Check these out, if you dare.

The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast - Built in 1888, if you're looking to stay in a beautiful, old Victorian style house that might be haunted, you found it. There have been several strange incidents and sightings by the owners and guests. From one guest claimed:

All through the night she heard men's voices above her laughing, children arguing, and sounds of boots stomping and occasionally canes hitting the floor. It lasted until around 4 a.m. then the house became deadly quiet.

The Crescent Hotel

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

The most famous haunted hotel in Arkansas is the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. In fact it's known as America's most haunted hotel. Built in 1886 the Crescent has a history deep in hauntings. They even have nightly ghost tours. This beautiful hotel was first a luxurious resort, a college and then a hospital. The hospital was opened by a man who claimed he had a cure for cancer among other things. It's said that there are at least 8 ghosts in the hotel from students when it was a college to a nurse and doctor from the hospital days.