CBS is keeping Star Trek: Discovery under a curious amount of spoiler scrutiny, and we may know why. Franchise veteran Jonathan Frakes let slip a major return for the new series that may have you trimming a goatee in anticipation.

You’re warned of possible spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery from here on out, but it seems erstwhile Commander Riker Jonathan Frakes may not have gotten the secrecy memo, based on his recent appearance at Chicago’s Continuing Voyage Tour convention. According to those in attendance, Discovery director Frakes stated that at least one episode (not necessarily his) would deal with the infamous “mirror universe” recurring throughout the franchise.

The mirror universe is among Trek’s more tongue-in-cheek sci-fi constraints; appearing in the original series, Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s a fan-favorite, sure, but given that Discovery was said to eschew one-off sci-fi in favor of a more serialized Star Trek story, might that mean the mirror universe could actually play a significant, ongoing role?

We’ll see if the September 24 premiere lives up to Star Trek as we know it, so stay tuned.

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