'South Park' doesn't lend itself to promotional campaigns that starts months before a premiere in the same manner as other shows, though we're glad to see Matt Stone and Trey Parker back in the saddle for the upcoming seventeenth season, set to premiere on September 25. To that end, Comedy Central's first teaser for the coming premiere reveals a number of potential targets for parody, so what's the latest from 'South Park' season 17?

Though the lack of any real footage could imply that Comedy Central only assembled the images as possibilities, the first teaser of 'South Park''s coming season pulls footage straight from the real world to imply that Trayvon Martin, Miley Cyrus, Jonathan Snowden, gay marriage, Florida, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and more might end up on the chopping block. Per the tagline, "Coming back. Going there."

Granted, the previous season of 'South Park' told original stories with its characters as much as pilfer from the headlines, so we'd expect an even mixture. The 17th season will unfold over a single run of 10 episodes, down from the usual separation of 7 and 7. “Why did we do seven and seven to begin with?” Stone asked in the prior announcement. “We just sort of made that up. And we are switching to 10 for the same reason. It just sounded like a good number, and we won’t break up the year so we can more easily do other stuff.”

What do you think the 'South Park' creators have in store for us this time? Check out the teaser above, and tell us what you want to see from the September 25 premiere!

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