Slipknot singer Corey Taylor recently discussed his revamped persona as it's presented on the band's upcoming album, We Are Not Your Kind, out Aug. 9.

Referencing the growing memedom around his public image and describing an artistic need to pull out all the stops when it comes to Slipknot's music and their attendant aesthetics, the musician told Heavy Metal Hill Friday (May 17) that he's noticed a change in how people perceive him. Consequently, he said he wants to play into that idea on the part of his Slipknot character.

"The crazy thing I have noticed over the last couple years," Taylor explained, "I have seen a shift in the way people look at me. I thought having an opinion was something that was cool, and now I'm becoming a meme. I feel everyone is starting to turn on me, so I am using that to my advantage. I am like, alright you want a villain, I will give you a fucking villain. That is kind of where I am in my life, not giving a shit. I am basically saying, you don't have to like me, but you are going to love me anyway."

Elsewhere in the interview, the musician again backed up his claim that the new Slipknot record will contain moments reminiscent of the band's past work—namely Iowa and Vol. 3—while staying true to the group's present outlook. Further, he commended his Slipknot bandmate Shawn "Clown" Crahan for his artistry in the domain of the group's creative face, outlining the percussionist's prolific drive.

"We are trying to find new territory we have never done before, not just set wise but visually from a live standpoint," Taylor said. "We are constantly trying to see what can be explored artistically. This is where Clown is the best in the business. His mind is like a beehive of art. He is constantly trying to find ways to out do everyone, it is pretty inspiring. It's encouraging to see how invested people are in the music and everything that surrounds it. It reminds you why you love music in the first place."

The interview with Taylor was published just prior to the May 18 death of Gabrielle Crahan, Clown's 22-year-old daughter, which was announced by the band with a somber statement on Sunday. Shortly after that response, Taylor amended his own condolences to the tragic event with the social media post you see below.

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