Netflix has revealed the first trailer for its bizarre new dating show, Sexy Beasts. The series is a remake of the high concept BBC reality show of the same name. Narrated by Catastrophe star Rob Delaney, Sexy Beasts puts blind date chemistry to the test by having contestants sport elaborate makeup prosthetics upon meeting.

At first glance, Sexy Beasts appears to be a cross between The Masked Singer and Love Is Blind. Each participant is given a serious makeover that transforms them into a panda, dolphin, scarecrow, alien, or another anthropomorphized creature. The looks range from well-made Halloween costume to frightening nightmare fuel. While these costumes are supposed to level the dating playing field, some contestants get the upper hand. It’s easier to be sexy dressed as a gray fox than as a grasshopper.

Once contestants choose one "sexy beast" to continue dating, they’re allowed to see their true faces underneath their costumes. And of course, because this is a reality dating show, they’re all hot. Despite the show’s aim to have players focus on each other’s personality, they’ll also be able to make judgements off of their date’s overall physique. As the beaver-man not-so-subtly puts it, “Ass first, personality second.”

Watch the trailer below:

Sexy Beasts made its debut back in 2014 on the BBC, but Netflix is revamping the show for a new audience. It was filmed last year amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in between the U.K. and the U.S. If you're wondering why none of them are wearing masks, keep in mind that many of these prosthetic looks are full-on facial coverings — especially that dolphin snout.

Check out some more wild images from the upcoming show:

You can stream Sexy Beasts on Netflix beginning July 21.

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