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Ryan Reynolds Offers $5,000 to Help Find Lost Teddy Bear

Mara Soriano of Vancouver has lost her teddy bear and we need to help find it! Ryan Reynolds has offered a $5,000 reward to whoever helps find the stolen backpack containing Mara's beloved teddy, which contains a sentimental audio recording from her deceased mom. (via TooFab)

Katy Perry To Sell Firework-Inspired Children’s Sneakers for Charity

Katy Perry is selling a new rainbow-striped shoe with positive words to live by on it shoelaces. The best part? The pop star is donating all the proceeds to Camp Firework, a performing arts charity. (via Radio.com

The Weirdest Place People Are Taking Work Conference Calls

You may have been home for too long if you’re making work calls from your toilet. And yet, according to a study conducted by Homecure Plumbers, 1 in 6 people are doing work while on the john! Other things people are doing on the toilet include checking social media, catching up on the news, eating (ew) and sometimes napping. (via Study Finds

Ariana Grande Announces New Fragrance, Teases Possible Tour Film

Ariana Grande is releasing a new perfume. The pop star also teased a possible Sweetener Tour film. (via Billboard

Iconic Black Sitcoms Heading to Netflix

Your favorite nostalgic Black sitcoms are coming to Netflix: Moesha, Half and Half, Girlfriends, The Parkers and more are all headed to the streaming service. Finally! (via USA Today

MacKenzie Scott Just Donated $1.7 Billion to Charity

MacKenzie Scott donated almost $2 billion to a number of charities. Some of her donations included $586.7 million to racial equity, $128.3 million to public health, and $125 million to climate change. Each charity is run by people of color, LGBTQ+ folks or women. (via TMZ

Kim Kardashian Does Not Want Kanye West to Run for President

After a photo of Kim Kardashian crying in a car while talking to her husband Kanye West leaked online, everyone was wondering what caused her to get emotional. Reportedly, the reason for Kim's tears was that Kim does not want Kanye to run for president, believing that he instead needs to focus on his mental health. (via People

New Coronavirus Symptom Creating Hairy Situation

Hair loss is the newest confirmed symptom of COVID-19. Patients have said that they are experiencing hair loss after being diagnosed. The symptom could be caused by the shock a patient’s body experiences. (via USA Today)

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