Has it really been 8 years since Will Ferrell had audiences rolling in the aisles in the movie "ANCHORMAN"?

Yep, It has: The sequel finally came together yesterday "ANCHORMAN 2" will be co-written by Ferrell, who again will play San Diego's #1 newscaster Ron Burgundy

Also returning from the original is the always reliable Paul Rudd. An insider tells HOLLYWOOD.COM "We didn't expect a week ago that this thing was going to get greenlit. It's been alive and dead so many times, I can't believe it. I used to own the complete set of  'ANCHORMAN' BOBBLE-HEAD DOLLS and finally gave them away. I didn't think that they would ever be worth anything" Ferrell broke the news himself last night on Conan O'Brien but it will be a while before it hit's the theater Ferrell says "We are still kicking around ideas" However, It's a done deal.