This fall the Rolling Stones will re-release a significant portion of their hits catalog with a muli-disc greatest album called ‘Grrr!’ The band announced three-disc and four-disc options, allowing fans to snag up to 80 of their most important and best known works, plus two new songs cut specifically for this project.

The new songs are called ‘Gloom and Doom’ and ‘One Last Shot’ and were recorded last month in Paris. A press release points out that this is the first time the foursome have recorded together since finishing ‘A Bigger Bang’ for a 2005 release. The three-CD option will carry 50 tracks — from their first single ‘Come On’ forward — and the four-CD option will hold 80 cuts. ‘Grrr!’ will be available on Nov. 12.

Additionally, fans can splurge on the “Super Deluxe Box Set,” which includes a bonus CD, seven-inch vinyl, hard cover book and five postcards. There’s also a 12 inch vinyl box set which allows one to hear 50 songs on vinyl. It’s not clear what price point has been set for the various ‘Grrr!’ formats. Tracklists for these collections have not been made available as of yet.

The animal eyes tease the Stones revealed last month was made a little more clear however. The eyes are part of the cover art drawn by Walton Ford. By viewing the ape’s eyes with the band’s free uView app fans can see the animal come to life in 3-D animation. The press release promises more exciting updates with uView in the future. (OK, so we were wrong about them playing concerts in China….)

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