While the controversy between Snoop Lion, Bunny Wailer, and the Rastafari Millennium Council is still smoking, we contacted one of Bob Marley's sons for comment.

In a blog post yesterday we told you that Bunny Wailer, an original member of Bob Marley and the Wailers, believes that Snoop made the choice to become Rasta only to sell records, and make money from the new documentary film "Reincarnation" that follows Snoop Lion's experiences recording his first reggae album in Jamaica.

A group that calls themselves the Rastafari Millennium Council sent a seven page letter of demands to Snoop regarding issues with his claim of being Rasta.

I decided to reach out to our friend Rohan Marley to see how he, and the other Marleys feel on the subject of "Snoop Lion".  Here's his comment...


Rohan Marley is co-founder of the Tuff Gong Clothing line and Marley Coffee. He helps run the family charitable organization 1Love, and recently launched the "House of Marley".

Rohan spends a great deal of his time with the family's 52 acre organic coffee plantation atop the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and marketing the "Marley Coffee" brand across the globe... Stir it up...

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