The ‘Riddick’ posters just keep on coming. We’ve been privy to our fair share thus far, most of them courtesy of Vin Diesel himself, and there’s at least one more to check out - this one perhaps the coolest of the lot!

As you can see in the poster below, via The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide, Richard B. Riddick is attentive and ready for action, brandishing a very painful-looking blade amidst an alien wasteland. It’s the clearest vision we’ve gotten at Riddick when it comes to the new film’s posters, most of which have kept the anti-hero hidden in the shadows. Just the way he likes it.

And that tagline is simply badass: “Survival Is His Revenge.”

‘Riddick’ is going to be a large presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con -- a panel complete with an appearance from Diesel is coming -- so it’s very likely we’ll be seeing much more from the 'Chronicles of Riddick' sequel, which opens on Sep. 6.

Riddick Poster

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