Lisa and I were talking on the air back when the announcement was first made about how the downtown Texarkana, Arkansas-side entertainment zone, now known as the Rail Yard, was going to be bounded? How would you know if you're stepping out of bounds? We have our answer now...

Look for the Green Stripe painted on the ground, plus there are many signs in the area reminding you where those boundaries are. Here is the official post from the Texarkana, Arkansas FB page:

The Entertainment District opens in Downtown Texarkana, AR on Wednesday October 16th. The district will be open on Sunday 11 AM - 12 AM and Monday through Saturday 11 AM - 2 AM. Pease pay attention to signage and the green roadway stripes for the boundary of the district. Also please bear with us while we find the best and most efficient way of informing our citizens of the boundary. Changes to signage and striping will be made as needed.

Now we know.

The Rail Yard Entertainment District officially opens Wednesday, October 16, but there's a big celebration planned for Thursday night, read more here.

You may direct any issues and questions to the Public Works Director, Tyler Richards at 870-779-4977.

Entertainment District Sign - Texarkana Arkansas Facebook Page
Entertainment District Map - Texarkana Arkansas Facebook Page