If your a fan of Queen and love making videos then listen up!  Queen wants you to create a music video for their 1977 classic track “Sheer Heart Attack”.

This will be the first original Queen video since “Under Pressure” in 1999 – so they will be looking for really fresh and innovative ideas, reminiscent of Queen’s past iconic videos as well as quality of editing - both from a music and visual aspect - and a balanced inclusion of all the band members.

The winning entry will be featured on Queen’s official site, and across their social media channels including their Facebook and YouTube pages. There’s also $1,500 up for grabs along with enviable Queen goodies and the massive kudos that making a video for the legendary band will bring them!

The deadline is July 27th, so get started!

You can get all the details at the official Queen website: queenonline.com

via <a href="http://queenonline.com/en/news-archive/press-release-make-video-sheer-heart-attack/">Press Release: Make A Video For Sheer Heart Attack</a>.

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