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Summer is just around the corner and that always means tons of activity for my family and I. Whether transporting newly minted high school graduates to college, taking younger kids to summer camp, or simply preparing for a relaxing weekend by the lake, there are plenty of plans to make and details to iron out. So who needs an unexpected wrench thrown into the mix? And what is one of the primary culprits to ruin the best laid plans?


But now there are plenty of ways to even avoid that hiccup in your summertime fun. As the saying goes, “there's an app for that!” So here is a collection of five of our favorite weather applications for your iPhone, so you'll know whether to pack an umbrella or extra sunscreen in your beach bag this Memorial Day weekend.


Here is a collection of our five favorite weather applications for your iPhone, so you'll know whether to pack an umbrella or extra sunscreen in your beach bag this Memorial Day weekend.
The Weather Channel application for iPhone

The Weather Channel, LLC


This is the first weather app I ever downloaded to my iPhone. First of all, the price is right: it's free! Second, when I'm at home I always turn to the Weather Channel first for the most accurate weather for every part of the country. With a staff of over 200 employees focused on nothing but providing the best weather reports in the business, I know I can rely on them to let me know when my flight is likely to be delayed because fog has blanketed New York City or when my Caribbean cruise will be cancelled due to the latest tropical storm developments in the Atlantic. The other thing I love about this app is its new Pollen push alert, which is great for those of us with allergies or asthma! When the pollen counts skyrocket, we'll know when to stay indoors and do a little shopping or take in a movie rather than toss the Frisbee around with the kids at park.  As one user, Michelle Richard, says, “It's my favorite weather app!! Now they are adding a local pollen indicator! Way to go!!”


WeatherBug application for iPhone

Earth Networks, Inc.


The WeatherBug app by Earth Networks is great because it delivers fast, targeted, accurate alerts at a neighborhood level in real-time. The latest update of this app also features Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts so users know when lightning is approaching their area! This also provides double the warning time about severe weather conditions like tornadoes, high winds, and more. WeatherBug also provides live shots from HD cameras and interactive maps with Doppler radar. Users love it and have plenty of good things to say, calling it everything from “very nice” to “the best weather app.” For instance, one soccer coach said, “There have been several occasions where I've been out on the field when a storm strikes suddenly. The new lightning proximity feature is a godsend and will be a huge asset to me and the safety of my players. Great addition!” An Elite version is also available for 99 cents.


AccuWeather for iPhone application

AccuWeather, Inc.


It's never been easier to make plans! The AccuWeather for iPhone app integrates with your calendar, allows you to share weather information with friends, family and colleagues via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and provides up to 15-day weather forecasts and severe weather alerts. One of my favorite features is that it also gives me a lifestyle weather report, so I know whether or not to go to the lake, mow the lawn or slather on the sunscreen. Other users love “the 15-day forecast” and that it is “very accurate!” There is a 99 cent version called Accuweather.com Quick available as well, but don't bother, as many users hate all the ads and claim that it has fewer features than its free counterpart.


Weather Underground application for iPhone

Weather Underground, Inc.


Sure, there may be countless weather apps out there, but they are not all created equal! Weather Underground is a prime example of this. Made by the Internet's first ever weather site, this app provides the most localized weather data available because the company has over 24,000 neighborhood weather stations across the globe. They also provide free push alerts for severe weather, have an amazing interactive “wundermap” with assorted weather overlays, and features National Weather Service Radio. Tanner Tucker, a longtime user, says that “now with the free push notifications for severe weather, this truly has become the best weather app available.” We think you'll like it too.


Weather+ application for iPhone

ITWC – International Travel Weather Calculator Association


We've saved the best for last! The Weather+ application has been praised by the New York Times as “the best weather app” and Apple even features it as one of their “essential” applications. I love this one because of its full screen video feature which turns the page into a gorgeous visualization for the current and 5-day forecast. The app also contains a clock, world clock, and it allows users to swipe their screen to change between city forecasts. This app is also universal, as it is just as easy to use on an iPad as on iPod. User John Rossi “loves the animations,” while Sampsonfol1229 says, “This one actually has good graphics…[and] a bunch of other things, including wind speed, precipitation amount, and wind direction.”


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