The Wake Village 'Social Distancing Parade' that was supposed to take place Thursday, evening (April 23) has been postponed.

The reason for the postponement is, unfortunately, due to the Executive Orders from Governor Greg Abbott regarding "discretionary travel" which also applies to any "social distancing" parades.

TISD posted on their Facebook page:

We know that you and your student are disappointed in this decision and for that we are so terribly sorry. Please understand that we must adhere to the rules and please know that we promise this event is merely postponed until another time when it can be done. Thank you for your understanding. Take Care & Stay Safe!


April 21:

The Wake Village Elementry School and the Wake Village City Official are hosting a 'Social Distancing Parade' Thursday evening April 23 from 6PM - 7:45PM.

Be sure to listen for the horns and head outside to your front yard to see and wave to the Wake Village teachers and City Officials as they drive through the neighborhoods of Wake Village. The parade route is below but if your house is not on the route, you can see the parade at any location on the route. Everyone is encouraged to dress up or make signs if you have the supplies and show your Tiger Spirit.

Nash Elementary held its social distancing parade last week and it was a huge success. There is no doubt that this one will be a big success as well. You can stay up to date on the TISD Facebook page.

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