A popular Texarkana restaurant is planning a third location in Wake Village Texas.

Wingstop has two locations in Texarkana with one location on Stateline and one location on Richmond Road. The Texarkana Restaurant Review Facebook page posted a picture from the Richmond Road location of Wingstop with a flyer attached to their front door talking about a Wake Village location coming soon.

Texarkana Restaurant Review
Texarkana Restaurant Review

The sign only says that a new location is coming soon for Wake Village, but I want to know where it will be located. I figure with all of the new business activity going on in the 7th street location that would be the natural fit for the business. Local Luna just recently opened in that area in the old Big Cheese pizza location and their business has been booming.

I lived in Wake Village for over 20 years and all of the new businesses recently have been in the 7th street location. With all of the traffic of people coming into town from Redwater and the western parts of Texarkana, the 7th street locations have seen a big increase in traffic, and businesses like Wal Mart and Chicken express have recognized that this is a major location to put their businesses and the success of those 7th street locations have opened up the choices of places to go for the Wake Village area residents.

Wing Stop offers some amazing regular wings, and boneless wings as well in a big variety of flavors. Their fries are unique with their seasoning and make a great compliment to the hot wing flavors. Now the question remains is where in Wake Village will it open and when do we get to enjoy some great wings?

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