Pizza, who doesn't love pizza? If you think about it pizza can get personal. There are tons of different toppings and everyone has a preference. Plain and simple my favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. It seems today the big trend is to re-invent the pizza with different toppings.

A recent survey from Buzzfeed asked people about some controversial pizza toppings. The top three people liked were chicken, onions and mushrooms.

People said the worst toppings were fried eggs, anchovies and canned tuna. What? We've all heard about anchovies on pizza, but fried eggs and canned tuna? Eww!

What unusual pizza toppings do you think you'd try? What about the worst toppings? I know a lot of people think that pineapple is bad on a pizza but I think it's great with Canadian bacon. Yum. I find it strange that Pineapple didn't make either list so I'm adding it to the best list. Why? Because it's my poll. ;)

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