Shocker! Javier Bardem is up for another villain role! After recently portraying Bond baddie Silva in 'Skyfall,' another major franchise wants him play its bad guy -- 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5.' He must have the face for it or something.

As first reported by The Wrap, Bardem is in early talks to play the villain in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5.' The role is said to be that of Captain Brand, a part for which 'Django Unchained' star Christoph Waltz was rumored, though it's been formally offered to Bardem and he's now in negotiations to take it on.

Captain Brand is said to be a ghostly "former member of the British military" out for revenge against Jack Sparrow. Believing Sparrow turned his brother Eric into a pirate, leading to his death, Brand seeks a mystical object called The Trident. Furthermore, 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' is said to have taken its name, 'Dead Men Tell No Tales,' from this villain. An earlier draft for the script also featured witches in a major way, though this could've changed.

Bardem's wife, Penelope Cruz, took part in the fourth film in the franchise, 'On Stranger Tides,' which could've played a part in getting Bardem on board. Though, The Wrap also reports that he was interested in working with the film's co-directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. The 'Kon-Tiki' helmers told ScreenCrush last years that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' heralds back to the feeling of the first film and that it "reminds us of the kind of adventure movies we grew up with – Indiana Jones movies, or movies that inspired us to become filmmakers."

Johnny Depp will, of course, be back to don his Jack Sparrow hat and swag, while Orlando Bloom was said to be in talks to reprise his role of Will Turner, while Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa), Ian McShane (Black Beard) and Stephen Graham (Scrum) are expected to return. 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' will hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

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