Your Texarkana Police Departments have posted the neighborhoods that have signed up to have block parties this Tuesday for National Night Out, and the weather should be perfect. 

National Night Out is Tuesday evening, October 4, 2022, and your Texarkana-area Police Departments have posted where they plan to join in on the neighborhood registered block parties.

Outdoor games - Canva
Outdoor games - Canva


Below is the list your Texarkana Texas Police have published on Facebook...

  • Williamsburg/Colonial - Williamsburg Circle cul de sac.
  • Woodridge Drive - 3520 Woodridge Drive
  • Rosehill/Beverly/New Town - Old Hart Hanks Building at 1801 Robison Road
  • Northview Estates - 3004 Kevin
  • Bella Vista Senior Living
  • Desoto Circle - Canadian between Desoto and Colorado
  • Winfield Estates - 3535 S. Lake Drive
  • Highland Park - Collins Senior Center
  • Northridge - Cindywood Circle cul de sac
  • Skyline Townhouse Neighborhood - in the clubhouse
  • TAMU-T - Courtyard at Bringle Lake Village Residence Hall
  • Creekside Apartments - 2605 Kennedy Lane
  • Shilling Neighborhood - 7111 Shadow Brooke
  • Woodcliff - 21 Woodcliff Drive
  • Summerhill Woods Apartments - 4501 Summerhill Road
  • Remington 55+ Neighborhood - Remington Street
  • The Oaks Independent Living Apartments - 4317 McKnight
Outdoor grilling - Canva
Outdoor grilling - Canva

TTPD says it's not too late to register your event at and get your block party on the list.


Below is the list Texarkana Arkansas Police have published on Facebook...

  • 6605 Country Hills
  • 6404 Northern Hills
  • 6000 Summerwood
  • Opportunities 600 East 43rd
  • 2220 Pineview
  • Gate City Lodge #42 110 Seibert Street
  • 3507 Circle view
  • Sandflat Center 209 East 14th Street
  • Providence Baptist Church 4203 Preston Street
  • Cross Way Church of Texarkana 3604 County Avenue
  • Iron Mountain Center 1101 Couch Street
  • Smith Keys Apartments 3302 Washington
  • 2908 Forest Ave
  • Preston Circle
  • We Are Washington 1900 Marietta Street
  • 4702 Sunbury
  • 4801 Union Road


Tuesday: Sunny, with a high near 83.
Tuesday Night: Clear skies, with a low of around 55 and calm wind.

Looking for Block Party Ideas?

I found a good search for party ideas, including foods, games, drinks, family entertainment, signage and much more. Check out for more information.

Outdoor games - Canva
Outdoor games - Canva

Get out and meet your neighbors if you can, the weather should be perfect.

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