Paul McCartney made a guest appearance with Steven Van Zandt’s band in London last night (Nov. 4), as the pair aimed to complete what the Bruce Springsteen guitarist called “unfinished business.” Watch their London, U.K. performance of the Beatles classic “I Saw Her Standing There” above.

It’s thought Van Zandt was referring to a Springsteen show in 2012, where McCartney’s guest appearance was cut short when Hard Rock Calling festival bosses cut the power to the stage.

“We love you, Stevie – we love your band,” McCartney said of Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, who are touring to promote latest album Soulfire. Saxophonist Ed Manion said later via Facebook: “Who says lightning doesn't strike twice in the same city. Seems everytime I come to London I get to play with the great Paul McCartney. Always a pleasure always a class act! I was 11 years old when I first heard the Beatles and probably the reason like many of my friends that I play the saxophone. So much fun tonight.”

Van Zandt recently told Billboard of Soulfire: “Previously, politics was 100 percent my mission; the music came second. This one was the first one where the concept was me doing me. Me as a songwriter, as a guitar player, as an arranger, a producer. I never did that before. It’s complicated because I’m doing songs that I wrote for other people. The next few records are the ones that are going to be interesting for me.”

McCartney previously invited Springsteen and Can Zandt to guest on “I Saw Her Standing There” during his Madison Square Garden show in September this year.

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