Paul McCartney is upset that David Beckham won’t be playing with Great Britain’s soccer team at the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, and he’s not afraid to say so in public, calling the team manager an “idiot.”

Olympic rules state that only athletes aged 23 and under can participate in national teams, but each manager is allowed to name three older players as wild card players on an 18-man squad. England’s manager, Stuart Pearce, passed over 37-year-old Beckham despite his high-profile efforts to help secure the London Olympics deal. In a new interview with Short List, McCartney vehemently disagrees with that decision.

“I would’ve thought first choice would be Beckham because of his huge contribution to getting the Olympics,” the legendary musician states. “But, you know, some idiot decided otherwise. I feel a bit sorry for the three over-23-year-olds, because we’re going to be looking at them and going, ‘That should’ve been Beckham.’ He’s a national hero. And it would’ve been great for him to lead out our British team, but someone somewhere said… What did they say? So-and-so’s playing better. Like it matters.”

McCartney is slated to perform at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

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