December is full of presents and eggnog but it's also full of falling stars. Next Wednesday, December 13 is the peak of one of the biggest meteor showers of the year.

It's called the Geminids Meteor Shower and it happens every year between December 4 and December 16 with the peak December 13 and into the morning hours of December 14. The Geminids Meteor Shower got its name because the meteors look like they are coming from the direction of the Gemini constellation.

Supposedly you can see it from all over the world over the next few nights peaking on Wednesday with the possibility of up to 120 meteors per hours.

Obviously, the best time to watch is after dark, but in what direction should you be looking? It depends on the day actually, but luckily for us, there is a website that updates every day the direction and angle to see the best show.

Just go to the website for more information and tips on watching a meteor shower.


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