I saw the sexed up ad for flowers during the Super Bowl, and thought my Valentines shopping was done.  Then I found out that there are secret messages behind the number of roses you give.

If you plan on giving roses for Valentines, you might want to familiarize yourself with a few of these "secret messages".

  1. One Rose -- Should be given early in the relationship, and it means love at first sight.
  2. Three Roses -- Means "a shared love", and should be given as a one month anniversary.
  3. Six Roses -- Passion and infatuation.
  4. Ten Roses -- Symbolizes that you think your love is perfect.
  5. Twelve Roses -- The perfect Valentines gift, and means "be mine".
  6. Thirteen Roses -- This one threw me a bit. It means you just want to be friends.  Seems kind of expensive, to break up.
  7. Fifteen Roses -- It means "I'm Sorry". (I knew that one.)
  8. Twenty-Four Roses -- Is like screaming "I'M YOURS".
  9. Forty Roses -- Symbolizes that you believe your love is "Truly Genuine". (And that you have a lot of money.)

Here's the ad that Teleflora ran during the Super Bowl...

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