Panty vibrator that you can control with your smartphone... Coming this March!

There are all sorts of new devices being unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics show, including the latest from sex-toy maker OhMiBod, which has adult electronic toys  that can sync up to iPods. The company will be releasing the blueMotion massager later this spring. There is a small Bluetooth chip in the device, whch is inserted into a woman's underwear and its vibrations are controlled remotely via an iOS or Android app.

The whole idea is that the person wearing the device is not the person controlling the device. So, sure, you could be out with your lady and her friends, and you act like you are checking your messages... BUT you two know what you are REALLY doing.

OhMiBod co-founder Brian Dunham told Mashable,

It's a really fun way to control vibrations without anyone knowing what you're doing, because the remote is on your phone, technology can drive couples apart, but this is using technology and gadgets to bring them closer together."

At first, the blueMotion toy will only work when both partners are in Bluetooth range, but the company aims to add long-distance capability by summer.