Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. have it. Could there be a cure in our near future? The University of Pennsylvania is testing a new procedure that is helping people with high blood pressure when medications fail them.

The procedure is called renal denervation and  basically what it does is deaden kidney nerves.

Radiowaves are sent through a catheter to kill the sympathetic nerves that can cause blood pressure to increase. Dr. Debbie Cohen says it takes 35 minutes and the patient stays conscious.

“This represents a fairly benign procedure for patients with no other options,” Cohen said. “So it could be really huge in patients with treatment-resistant hypertension.”

Hey, it might be uncomfortable for awhile, but if it’s a cure? I think a ton of people will line up for this procedure!

According to the The Huffington Post this procedure:

has its roots in primitive nerve-severing operations performed in the 1950s, which often lowered blood pressure but at the expense of permanently injuring patients. Only in recent years have researchers revisited the technique, after companies developed easy-to-use catheters that can beam radiofrequency waves to burn away specific nerves without damaging the surrounding blood vessel.”


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