I just heard on the radio that Sunday is National Taco Day.

Tacos are one of my favorite things to eat. even before Taco Tuesday was a thing. Crispy or soft each taco has its merits. As a kid, Taco Tico was my favorite, when I was ten my cousin and I had a dozen tacos between the two fo us. Last year we asked you, the listeners who had the best tacos in Texarkana, and here were your top 5 places to get tacos in Texarkana.

5. Tacos Mi Pueblo. A little place at 2024 New Boston Road that is only open on the weekends.

4. Los Ruvalcaba Mexican Restaurant is located at 4300 North Stateline and serves authentic Mexican food.

3. Vero's Latino Store comes in at 3 rd place. This spot is at 2106 New Boston Road In Texarkana.

2.Tacos 4 Life. One of the new restaurants in Texarkana on Mall Drive.

1. And out top vote-getter is the food bus Lovell's in Texarkana. You can find the bus on Highway 59 next to Sports Magic.

Unfortunately, the food truck at Lovell's is no longer with us. Do you have a favorite go-to spot for Tacos? Oh, and if you are curious there is a proper way to eat a taco and it is pretty weird. Here is the story I did a little while ago. What is the right way to eat a taco?

Let us know in the comments and make sure to get some tacos on National Taco Day on Sunday.


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