The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has predicted a Significant Severe Weather Outbreak for Sunday April 27 that includes the Ark-La-Tex area. This is very rare, and has only been issued this far in advance a few times in the past.

The Storm Prediction Center issued a 3 Day moderate risk for Sunday, though that in itself doesn't sound too bad, but this far in advance, it is the highest level of risk they can issue.

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a rare Day 3 Moderate Risk for Sunday across Northeast Texas. While this risk translates into a Significant Risk of Severe Weather on our graphic this is as high of a severe weather risk they can issue for a Day 3 severe weather outlook and have only done it a handful of times in the past. What this means is that the forecasters have enough confidence to say a major severe weather outbreak is expected on Sunday across parts of Southeast Oklahoma, northwest Texas, and West/Southwest Arkansas.

This significant risk of severe weather will cover our listening area and include Mt. Pleasant, Pittsburg, Gilmer, Marshall, Atlanta, New Boston and Texarkana.

A significant risk of severe weather from the SPC means that there is a one in two chance that severe weather will occur within 25 miles of where you are. These storms are predicted to have the potential to produce dangerously high winds, large hail, and a possibility of tornadoes that could be very strong and long lived.