There are a ton of great Christmas movies to watch, but there are really only a handful of movies that are on my "Seriously, If I Don't Watch This Movie, It's Just NOT Christmas - Must Watch List " every single year.

5. The Santa Clause - This is such a fun light and sweet movie to watch. And  I've always just loved the concept.

4. A Christmas Carol - I'm talking the old one from 1938. Look for June Lockheart, yes from Lost in Space! She one of the young Cratchit girls. She's not credited in the film but her parents are because they played Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit!

3. Love Actually - I love, love this movie. It's a fun feel-good movie with an amazing cast and that great British humor. oh and be sure to have some tissue ready for the scene at the end for happy tears


2. Miracle on 34th Street - Yes the old original version. This is the only version to watch in my opinion. So great to see Natalie Wood as a child. and what a wonderful actress she was too. This movie hit theaters in the summer so needless to say it wasn't a big hit until years later.

And of course
1. It's a Wonderful Life - This is another movie that didn't do great in theaters when it first came out but it is the utmost classic Christmas movie E-V-E-R! And once again get ready for a flood of happy tears at the end.


My Honorable mentions for me are:

Polar Express This is inching up to be on my must-see list every year...   

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

A Christmas Story



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