Motley Crue have earned the right to approach their shows as they want. But there was at least one fan who called out the band for failing to deliver an encore during their recent Phoenix performance.

The message didn’t get lost in the clutter for Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, who responded, “Thank you for coming to the show. To answer your question, we used to do the old encore schtick most bands still do but decided it was sorta a rip off to fans. Why not add more to the show and end it like a theatre production than go sit behind the amps and make people clap for us to come back out and play … We prefer to give 100% from start to finish and end it with it with one big ass bang… Make sense?”

Interestingly enough, encores are not the only place you may not hear Motley Crue music. Earlier this week, drummer Tommy Lee hit out at SeaWorld over their usage of the band’s music in the ‘Shamu Rocks’ production, feeling it was inhumane to torture the white orcas in the show with the band’s hard rocking music that exceeds the decibel level most wanted for most mammals.

Motley Crue will continue on the road, playing dates with Kiss through the end of September.

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