You hear a faint rumble in the distance.  That rumble soon becomes a roar, and the ground starts to shake, then you see them: B.A.C.A.


They park their bikes, and introduce themselves.  They have a ceremony and present the child with a patch, and adopt them into the BACA family.  From now on, some of the greatest people in this child's life wear leather, and thunder the roads on a motorcycle.  They are Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA).

BACA stands firm against any form of child abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional, and porn.

After first meeting the child, two BACA members are assigned as the child's primary contact, and they stay close to the child, and are always able to be reached when needed.  Even if being needed means maintaining a presence at the child's home, visiting the child's school, escorting the child to and from court proceedings, or whatever else it may take for that child/member to feel safe.

They are dedicated to the principle that one of the basic rights of childhood is to feel safe and protected.  If the child's family or environment fails them, BACA rides in and provides it for the child.

Initially, BACA is contacted by parents, guardians, law enforcement agencies, child care agencies, etc.  Once the referral is received, there are several things that need to be done, including making sure the case is logged in the system and that it is a true case of abuse.  There are instances where they receive referrals that have not been logged with law-enforcement, and the callers are instructed on how to report a case of abuse.  This helps get law enforcement and child care agencies involved where needed, and helps avoid false claims.  It is wrong to think of BACA as a group of vigilantes, they are not.  However, they can be a very bad problem for someone who has harmed a child, do not doubt that.

The first thing the group does is make a big show of bikes and people when they introduce themselves to the new child/member.  By the pipes of the bikes the whole neighborhood knows.  They present the child's patch, and then take a group photo with his new biker family, and he keeps that photo and knows that he is part of a BIG family and knows "nobody messes with my family".


If that doesn't help to deter any further harassment or abuse, a group of BACA members will be sent to create a presence at the child's home, being very visible at times that the family may be more vulnerable.  The purpose of BACA being involved is to deter any further abuse and protect the children, and the family, if necessary.

If that doesn't work, a formal letter will be drafted by the chapter president on BACA letterhead and sent to the perpetrator.  The letter will explain that this group of bikers is dedicated to taking any step necessary to being the permanent obstacle for further abuse.

It is against the purpose of BACA to physically engage a perpetrator, BUT the group will go the general location of the offender and do what they call a "Neighborhood Awareness Ride", then go door to door and introduce themselves and hand out pamphlets explaining what BACA is all about.

BACA does not support or condone violence, aggression or physical force in any form.  However, if a person harms a member, expect the group to respond and protect that member with commitment and loyalty.

We salute Bikers Against Child Abuse. This is truly an amazing group of people doing an amazing job.

Learn more about  BACA at the website, and to contact our local chapter call (903) 949-0777.

You have got to spend a few minutes and watch this video with John Paul "Chief" Lilly.  He is the founder of Bikers Against Child Abuse.

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