Ah the 80's! Maybe I'm showing my age, but I think some of the best music came out of the 80's. The Cars have made a successful comeback . Now it's Loverboy's turn.

The band has a new song called ‘Heartbreaker’, but don't expect a full album. Mike Reno recently talked with Rolling Stone:

“I don’t want to spend $400,000 in the studio recording 12 songs, when people only want one or two. I don’t expect to be on the radio anymore.” But that doesn’t mean he intends to stay out of the studio: “I do want to put out a new song every couple of months. I just think that’s the new way.”

Mike Reno has been busy. Not only has he been working on music but on himself as well. He’s lost 50 pounds over the last six months because, “I got tired of complaining about my knees being sore.”

You can catch the entire article at Rolling Stone

Check out the video of Loverboy's new song "Heartbreaker" and tell us what you think!

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