Friend and local entertainment guru Frank Pryor dropped off a CD of Matthew James Allen earlier, and I wanted to share some of it with you.

I take most everything Frank brings me seriously, after all he has won Indie Producer of the Year at the Texas Music Awards a few years in a row now, or Producer of the Universe he may have said. Matt will be one of our featured performers at Sparks in the Park 2014!

Matt has done some indie music, country and spiritual, and this is Matt doing his music from his heart which is almost hard to define by genre. This is the single "Don't Let Go" from Texarkana Artist Matthew James Allen (featuring Hope Mulkey)...

From the Artistry Entertainment bio...

Matthew James Allen is a singer/songwriter from the tall pines of East Texas.  Living life in the Town That Dreaded Sundown tends to lead the music from Texarkana into a dark direction.  Some of that seems to bleed into the songs of Matthew James Allen...but for the most part, his music is introspective, positive, and inspiring.

In the early days of Matt's musical journey, he fronted the early 2000's alternative rock band, Midwinter.  The band garnered a modest fanbase with their single "Save Me" , which is where he first paired up with producer, Frank Pryor.  This was the beginning of a long friendship and musical partnership that still flourishes today.

After Midwinter dissolved in the mid 2000's, and encouraged by his friend and A - List songwriter, Michael Farren, Matt had the opportunity to relocate to Nashville, TN.  This move was a very difficult, and rewarding phase in the journey.  While in Nashville, Matt had the opportunity to get involved with the incredible songwriting scene.  Having co-written with many of the town's elite writers, Matt was confident that struggling to be noticed in Nashville would eventually pay off.  Spending hours daily writing, meeting with different publishing companies and record labels, Matt was slowly getting into that inner circle.  All the while back home in Texas, his father was slowly withering away.  In 2012, Matt made the difficult decision to move back to Texarkana to be with his father during his last days.

Matt wasn't sure what would be next for him on his musical journey.  Landlocked in Texarkana...and by chance, he ran in to his old friend, and now award winning producer, Frank Pryor.  The two decided to partner up again and release Matt's music a single at a time on Frank's fledgling record label, Artistry Entertainment Group. Getting away from the praise and worship, and country music that Nashville wanted Matt to write, the new partnership allows Matt to write songs that are true to himself.  The songs are about faith, love, hope, and life....and everything in between.  This is truely Matt's diary, and his heart is open completely.

We wish Matt lots of success as he continues to share his music, and don't miss his live performance at this years Sparks in the Park celebration July 4 at the Four States Fairgrounds!

Artistry Entertainment Group