"Breaking Bad" is supposed to be a fictional TV show, and not intended to inspire a new generation of meth dealers.  But it seems like it is.


If you watch the show, then you should know that the whole point is the main character's downward spiral towards his ultimate crash.

Earlier this year, a man with the same name as the main character, “Walter White,” was being hunted by cops in Alabama for selling meth.  And now, someone with the same career as the main character has been arrested for selling meth. 43-year-old William Duncan, a chemistry teacher at Mae Luster Stephens Junior High School in Linden, Texas was busted for selling meth in his school's parking lot.

The law has had an eye on Duncan for five months, and finally busted him last week when they sent a cop to the school undercover, and Duncan sold him meth in the parking lot before classes began.

Duncan has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone, and more charges are pending.  The school has placed him on administrative leave during the investigation.  They don't think he ever sold to students.

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