Getting your name out there is half the battle for a lot of bands, and while Linkin Park are a very well known act at this point in their careers, they just found another way to reach audiences. The band has teamed up with Mercedes to design a livery for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 vehicles that will debut at the upcoming 24 Hours of Spa.

The racing event takes place during the final week of July and the look of the Mercedes vehicle complete with Linkin Park design can be seen in the photo above. According to, this will be the first time in the Blancpain series AMG that Team Black Falcon will be getting a band's attention. There will be eight Mercedes-AMG GT3s set to race in the 24 Hours of Spa, and Team Black Falcon took home the top four spots during a similar event in Nurburgring earlier this year.

A few months back, Linkin Park traveled to the AMG Driving Academy to get acquainted with the vehicles. Check out newly posted photos from the band's Facebook page as well as video posted below.

Linkin Park have been in the studio of late working on a new album. The disc is progressing, but things like an album title and release date have not been nailed down as of yet. Mike Shinoda had once teased a potential latter 2016 release, but he admitted in a recent video posting that he's not sure that will happen or when the album will be complete. Stay tuned for more Linkin Park album information as it becomes available.

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