We have all done it, been on a road trip, maybe driving a little too long, your eyes start crossing and rolling up into your head, and your head starts bobbing up and down as you begin to fall asleep at the wheel. This is obviously a very dangerous situation and you need to get it rectified soon before you cause a serious accident. The obvious answer? Pull over and take a nap. But, is it legal in the great state of Arkansas to do that? 

The short answer is, yes. It's not legal in all states but it is legal in Arkansas to pull over and take a nap inside your vehicle, but there's more to it than just the short answer.

Sleepy at the wheel - Canva
Sleepy at the wheel - Canva

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Turning on the vehicle's AC full blast or cranking up the radio and singing at the top of your lungs will only work for so long, at some point your need to pull over and get a nap before something really bad happens. In Arkansas, the law allows you to do this in state Information and rest centers if you feel the need, but only for short periods of time.

You can't pull over just anywhere and do this. This is not a side-of-the-road thing, plus there may be local ordinances that forbid it. Pay very close attention to any parking signs you run across looking for a place for a snooze.

Sleepy at the wheel 2 - Canva
Sleepy at the wheel 2 - Canva

There are some businesses that allow you to pull in and nap for a bit, Walmart is a popular place for truckers to get a good night's rest before moving on down the road. Not all Walmarts allow this, watch for the signage in their parking lot. Remember, if you're catching a few Z's at a rest stop or information center in Arkansas, this is not a camping situation. They will not let you spend multiple nights there.

For a complete list of Arkansas Rest Stops, click here.

If you would like to see the laws for other states you might travel to, click on SmartFinancial.com.

Driving sleepy is driving impaired, pull off, find a place, get a snooze, and when you wake up get some coffee and let's be safe out there.

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