Kids' College is back this summer at Texarkana College for ages 7-12.

For those enrolling a wide variety of classes will be offered including Mad Science, Karate Kids, Journalism, Introduction to Culinary Arts, CSI Kidz, Athletic Games, and more. Kids' College has been around since the early 90s and has provided thousands of kids with the opportunity to solve crimes, engage in cooking classes, learn creative art, design robots all while making summer memories and new friendships along the way.

This is a two-week summer program for children in grades 2-6. Kids’ College classes will be held June 7,-10, and June 14,-17, with morning and afternoon sessions. Each class will last for one week, Monday through Thursday, although children may take two classes per day. The morning session will be 9 AM -11 AM and the afternoon session will be 1 PM-3 PM.

Registration for classes is available through the TC Community and Business Education Center online here.

About Kids' College

Kids’ College offers young kids the opportunity to build artistic and academic skills, decision making, develop discipline, all designed to create a sense of worth and personal achievement while in a college campus environment.

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