Among familiar faces like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Tom Brady, you'll find an unlikely name on Vanity Fair's annual best-dressed list: Keith Richards. Yes, that Keith Richards.

The Rolling Stones guitarist somehow pulled a fast one on the magazine's voters, who chose the 69-year-old rock legend as one of the year's best-dressed celebrities. Richards, whose drunken-pirate-on-a-five-week-bender look has inspired countless wannabe rock stars/drug casualties over the years, was singled out for his distinct look in the 74th International Best-Dressed Poll.

Richards, unflappable as ever, took the news exactly as you'd expect him to. When asked where he shops, he replied, "I don't shop!" His favorite style icon? "I am one!” And his favorite accessory? "My silver," said the author and singer of the 1969 Stones song 'You Got the Silver.'

When he isn't pillaging villages and drinking 100-proof rum straight from the bottle, Richards is still keeping busy with the Stones, who recently wrapped a successful 50th-anniversary tour with a new live album.

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