Journey won’t stop believing in the power of the almighty greenback, as the band will head to Florida this week to take part in a private Mitt Romney fundraising event.

TMZ reports that the veteran rockers will receive a $500K payout for appearing at the event this Thursday night (Aug. 30) in Tampa. The group will reportedly play a 90-minute set for those in attendance. Sources stated that the group don’t feel they are making a political statement either way by performing at the event, and plan on treating the show like it’s just another gig.

In addition to the money, there was one other bonus thrown in for good measure. Neal Schon‘s girlfriend, Michaele Salahi, who first came to fame for gatecrashing a White House shindig, received an invite to attend the private bash.

In addition to Journey, Neal Schon will be spending the fall promoting a new solo collection. The primarily instrumental set, ‘The Calling,’ is expected Oct. 23. It will be the guitarist’s seventh solo release.

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