Why so serious? The water’s fine!

Look, 2020 has been a very difficult decade. People need to let off steam somehow, and many of their favorite ways to do it — bars, restaurants, movie theaters — remain closed. So let’s not judge the outlets people use to express their frustrations. We’re all dealing with this crazy time in our own way.

Like, say this guy, who was spotted over the weekend jet skiing through New York City’s East River in full Joker costume and makeup:

Who knew Joaquin Phoenix was so good at jet skiing?!? That guy really gets so deep into his characters, it’s unbelievable.

First of all: I guess this settles once and for all where Gotham City is located. It’s New York! Second, the Joker tends to stick to land when he’s on his own, which makes me worried he’s teaming up with the Penguin on some kind of master crime spree. Stay vigilant, citizens.

Honestly, this isn’t really that much weirder than the usual level of weird in New York City in times that don’t involve global pandemics. I’ve never seen the Joker jet skiing the East River before, but if I was out for a jog and I saw this, I probably would just keep right on running without batting an eye. It’s New York! That said, if someone sees Bane taking a helicopter tour of the Hudson, I’m logging off forever.

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