Even though KISS finally was chosen for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year after many years of eligibility, some of the band's members, including singer/guitarist Paul Stanley, continue to voice disdain for the institution and its machinations.  

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott, whose band will be hitting the road with KISS this summer, also apparently has little affection for the Rock Hall.  In a recent podcast interview with HitFix, the singer shared his humorous take on how Hall of Fame officials decide on who enters the institution based on who they consider cool.

"I see…this board room of faceless tuxedo-wearing morons.  Mr. Roboto times six or whatever, leafing through a list of bands," he explains.  "'Def Leppard, nah.  Tom Waits, absolutely.  Bon Jovi, no. Nick Cave, absolutely.  Leonard Cohen, yes.  KISS, no.  Sabbath, no.  Springsteen, yes. Mellencamp, yes.  Tom Petty, yes.'  That's the way I look at it… I don't care about people like that."

Elliott adds that he sees little value in getting inducted into the Rock Hall.

"Is it going to pay my mortgage off?  Is it going to put my kid through schools?  Am I going to sleep better at night?" he poses.  "What am I going to do?  Wear a sheriff's badge with 'I'm a member' on it?...I don’t give a flying rat's a** about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

The singer, whose group has been eligible for induction for the better part of a decade, admits that his band mates have a different viewpoint on the honor.

"The other four guys would say, 'We've gotta do it,'" says Joe.  "And I go, 'Why?  The Sex Pistols told them to shove it.'  They say, 'We should, it's going to be good for our…'  I couldn't care less."

As for whether he'd attend the ceremony if Def Leppard were to be picked for induction, Elliott declares, "If I happen to be in Cleveland, fine.  A free dinner, free drinks.  I am not wearing a tuxedo, I will not join the Mr. Robotos…I'd rather do a show for people who care." Def Leppard's joint tour with KISS kicks off June 23 in Salt Lake City.

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