Country music star Kane Brown has released his new single “I Can Feel It,” and classic rock fans will likely notice a familiar sample on the track.

Brown’s song incorporates the famous drum part from Phil Collins’ spine-tingling hit “In the Air Tonight.” The former Genesis singer is listed among the songwriters on “I Can Feel It,” along with Brown, Gabe Foust and Jaxson Free.

Brown was born in 1993, 12 years after "In the Air Tonight" was originally released. Still, that didn't stop the country singer from becoming a fan of the epic track.

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"I got [the song idea] originally when I was playing Stagecoach this year," Brown explained to Taste of Country. "I wanted Phil Collins to come out onstage with me, I thought it would be cool."

Even though Collins declined the invitation, he gave Brown his blessing for the song. The country singer built his "very energetic, high energy" track by writing to the Collins classic. Brown even opted to name his upcoming spring run of concerts the In the Air tour.

Listen to Kane Brown's 'I Can Feel It'

‘In the Air Tonight’ on Monday Night Football

Brown’s use of “In the Air Tonight” is just the latest example of the song’s renaissance. In a recent edition of Monday Night Football, country star Chris Stapleton, rapper Snoop Dogg and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana (bandmate and wife of Carlos Santana) teamed up on a genre-bending rendition of the track.

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"I’m so very excited and honored to be a part of this incredibly iconic event, song, and video with Chris and Snoop. This was a blast!” Blackman Santana wrote on social media shortly after the cover’s premiere.

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