This could have ended much worse. 

Most people have probably worried that a tire might fall off while driving at some point in their life – especially immediately after changing a tire. Did I get the lugs on properly? Was there damage to the wheel that I didn’t notice? Those sorts of thoughts have invaded my mind in the past.

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For the most part, worrying is needless. Then along comes a video like the one below. 

Watch as that tire takes off ahead of the vehicle and fortunately, rolls to the side of the street without hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian. That thing could have done a lot of damage. 

Probably the most impressive aspect of the video is just how fast the driver was able to break out their phone and capture video of the action. It’s amazing how we’ve been conditioned to do that in this day and age. 

In addition to the video affirming a fear of my own, I noticed someone else commenting on the video claimed to fear the same thing “constantly.”  

The clip also serves as a warning to be on the lookout for that sort of thing when driving in the Metroplex. Many people commenting say they see it happen all the time there. And a couple of people claimed it happened to them as well. 

Y’all stay safe out there. The Metroplex is one scary place to drive.

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